Supervising and Coaching Safer Teams Courses

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Setters are offering a key module of its +people® programme as an open course for the first time. The two day “Supervising and Coaching Safer Teams” course is designed to develop leaders, safety professionals and supervisors in the theory and use of performance coaching tools to create an integrated safety culture.

The course builds on the skills, knowledge and qualities of people engaged in coaching teams in the context of behavioural safety, and will enable them to improve the safety culture and the safety performance of organisations and the people within them. The courses are also aimed at organisations who require an introduction to the +people® programme and the path to sustainable safety performance.

The two-day events are being held across the UK throughout June and July with this formally accredited course recognised at Level 3 within the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this event the learner will:

  1. Understand the impact of personal choices on an organisation’s safety performance
  2. Know safety behaviours are made up of antecedents, behaviours and consequences
  3. Know how a person’s mind-set can affect their safety performance
  4. Know how people’s behaviour can affect the safety culture of an organisation
  5. Understand the currencies that can impact on personal safety
  6. Understand how to improve own work practices in relation to safety
  7. Understand the coaching skills that support the development of safety performance
  8. Be able to coach individuals to improve their safety performance

For more details call Heidi Setter on 01352 748084 or email

Article by by SUPPORT


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