International Stress Awareness Week 2021

Article by Kat Lourenco

International Stress Awareness Week 2021

**International Stress Awareness Week**

This week brings an international focus on stress awareness. Business is becoming more aware of the impact that stress has on an employee’s general wellbeing and productivity.

This, of course, has a huge financial impact whether from medical insurance costs, time lost from sick days or the very prevalent issue of presenteeism. Companies are rushing to implement wellbeing programmes to address the rising problem.

Unfortunately, many companies are not getting bang for their buck. The reality is that having good policies or fancy benefits doesn’t necessarily address the organisational issues causing employee distress or the organisation doesn’t know how to practically implement their programmes.

Without basic tools like leadership engagement and communication skills we can’t expect to effect culture change.

In our +people® Programme we work with individuals and organisations to improve communication skills, build rapport and have effective coaching conversations.

We've seen dramatic improvement in morale, quality, productivity and safety, as we work to stimulate open conversation, trust and engagement by using coaching skills.

As a leader are you able to talk to an employee you feel is struggling and achieve a positive outcome? Do you feel supported in the workplace if you have a mental illness? How many sick days have you taken this year? Are you productive during your workday or are you just marking time? How prevalent is burnout in your workspace?

When you get the answers to these uncomfortable questions, do you know how to support your people/team? If you want to talk to us about the skills needed to support your team, email: with the heading - Let's talk about stress.

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

Article by Kat Lourenco


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