WTSR Operational Controller Module

WTSR Operational Controller Module

About this course

This course is designed to be an add on module to complement the Core WTSR Training Course with additional information on the roles and responsibilities of the Operational Controller. Therefore, it is prerequisite to attend the Core WTSR Training Course before attending this module.


At the end of this course you should have a clear understanding the duties of an Operational Controller in relation to the requirements of the WTSR and where required, be in position to be nominated formally to carry out that role correctly.

Delegates should be able to demonstrate an applied understanding of the WTSR in relation to the OC and the importance of the transfer of control process.

Company specific scripts and processes can be added to this course to replicate day to day practice.

Course content:

On completion of the course delegates will understand:

  • The OCs role in ensuring a Safe System of Work under the WTSR
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Operational Controller
  • Authorisation, Competence and Responsibilities of persons on site
  • The Transfer of Control process
  • Links to overall Work Control
  • How to control work under an AWP
  • Manage Additional Works / Change of AWP
  • Deal with additional Persons Joining Working Parties
  • The Clearance / Cancellation of Approved Written Procedures
  • Surrender of an open Approved Written Procedures
  • Safe Custody of Approved Written Procedures & Other Associated Records
  • Communicate and manage exceptions on a WTG


End of course test and assessment


½ Day


Cost for the course is £575 +VAT

About coach

Ian Ord

Ian Ord is currently the Director of Renewables at Setter and Associates Ltd. Previously the Environmental Health and Safety Manager for the UK and Ireland for Siemens Energy Renewables. Ian made a personal energy transition from an HR manager at British Coal in 1996 after 16 years of service.